Help Fill an Important Role

You'll Be Amazed
PD Shimmers is more than just blinking lights. For most visitors it is an experience.  A friendly "Hello, Welcome to PD Shimmers! Did you find t he station OK?" from  Mike Justak was the norm until It became more than he could handle. So last season he recruited willing friends and neighbors to join in the welcome. Weekends now include a warm smile and probably a cookie to nibble on while you enjoy one of the Twin Cities "Best" light shows.  

Now you can join in the fun. Grab a partner and use the link below to go to the sign up page to become a greeter.  Dress for the weather, wear good gripping shoes or boots, even bring a portable radio and earpiece. You'll get to  see the show close up while providing directions to the best view spot, offering advice on how to dim those headlamps, and helping a donation make into the red donate box.

Dates Available
December 6,7,8
December 13,14,15
December 20,21,22

December 23
December 24

Send email to to reserve your dates!