Our Mission
To help those living with Parkinson's disease live better lives.

We Fund Movement
Exercise! It is the 7th wonder in treating Parkinson's disease. We put emphasis on programs to have proven results in slowing the advancement of symptoms. Nordic Walking Poles help improve gait and arm swing rhythm. Spinning a bike's tires to 60 RPM. Boxing. Yes Boxing. Watch the video to learn more.
Ride a bike! In the Twin Cities look up Pedal, Roll and Stroll for Parkinson's. They will outfit you on a recumbent trike! They ride through  the warm season and spin indoors in Winter. Watch the video for more info on bikes as therapy.

Surprisingly decent!
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The Mike Justak Foundation for
Parkinson's disease
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The Mike Justak Foundation for Parkinson's disease is an IRS approved 501c(3) non-profit public charity. Copies of tax returns available upon request..