PD Shimmers by the Numbers:


-Total number of lights in the show. Each light represents one newly diagnosed American with Parkinson’s Disease in 2016. In reality we believe we use well over 60,000 lights. We upgrade old strings but the net effect is to grow the show each year.

- The number of sets ( or strings) of lights. Picture 800+ 8boxes of lights in your shopping cart! Good thing we didn’t buy them all in one year.


  • The total length (in feet) of the light strings laid end to end.

  • Total watts of the entire light bank if full on together. That is the equivalent of 92 incandescent 60W light bulbs. PD Shimmers entire light show uses efficient LED bulbs.

Total watts if ordinary incandescent lights were used. That would be like 550 60 watt light bulbs.

The number of 4” plastic “zip” ties used to bind together the strings.

The number of feet of electric cable used to connect light strings to controllers to 120v electric outlet.

The number of control points (channels) to turn light strings on or off. If these were standard wall switches mounted in a row you would need a wall over 25’ long.

600 to 1
Minutes needed to program 1 minute of show music

Where the lights go?
-The 35' Pine Tree
10,000 Lights
-The Spiraling Tower of Light
7500 Lights
-The 25' Crab
4500 Lights
-The 35' Elm
4000 Lights
-The 25' Maple
3800 Lights
-The 20' Pear
2700 Lights
-The 15' Maple
2800 Lights
-The 25' Maple Static
1200 Lights
-The Unknown Tree
1800 Lights
-The River Birch
1200 Lights
-Six Foot Mini Trees (11)
10,000 Lights
-Arches of Light (8)
6400 Lights
-Light Strips (4)
1500 Lights
2000 Lights
1000 Lights
-Pixel Trees
200 Lights

How Do You Do This?

What is PD Shimmers?

By definition, a synchronized light show. This means that the music track is linked to what you see in the strings of Christmas Lights. PD Shimmers uses 100% LED Light strings with bulb sizes varing between M5 and C6. There is newer technology that uses pixels instead of single color bulbs. Pixels may use any combination of over 64,000 colors. It has been the decision of the MJFPD Board to not invest in this technology as it would render all current equipment obsolete. However we are 100% certain that when you drive up to Ithaca Lane, You Will Be Amazed!.

Just How do you get PD Shimmers to work?
Shimmer 101


As Julie Andrews would say in Sound of Music, “ Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.”Music
Listen to music and trust your judgement. It is the preference of PD Shimmers to annotate the music clips it uses to minimize repetition and to keep the pace of the overall show moving or advancing quickly. The audience may range from a few weeks to over 70 years old. It is a challenge to satisfy the musical tastes of this diverse audience. To edit the song software entitled Audacity is used. This is usually available for download without charge. All songs used by PD Shimmers are purchased usually through Amazon. PD Shimmers does not “share” music due do copyright laws.
Audacity lets you not only edit the music but it can analyze as well, helping one to nail down the beats.
The Audacity image link takes you to the download page.

Join these sites to gain knowledge on getting started with this hobby. You have many decisions to make upcoming. We will concentrate on the path we’ve choosen.

You can choose from do it yourself or boxed off the shelf. For out of the box the most common choice is Light O Rama. For Do It Yourself, PD Shimmers opted to use Renard based controller hardware. The technology is proven with thousands of hours of use under its belt. This is probably best suited to the use of traditional light string lights. You can build your own or buy used.

What is returning to Season VIII is the great mix of music that is choreographed to the over 60,000 LED Lights. The show celebrates the spirit of the season with selections performed by, Johnny Mathis, David Foster, Trans Siberian Orchestra ,Mannheim Steamroller, and The Piano Guys. There are a dozen new sequences this year including Backstreet Boys, Minions, Disco Santa, and PTX! The lights again will encompass both sides of the street. Look for the signature moment when all 60,000 lights go "full on" to represent the 60,000 Americans newly diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2017. You will surely notice the changes to the sound of the show, broadcast in FM Stereo on 97.9. The input signal has been digitized, and spectrally enhanced to bring you the best sounding lightship you could find. There is even a new transmitter this year.