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"What's in it for me?"
Uses of Capital Raised
Cash funds donated in 2017 were used (spent) in 2018 as follows in chart at left.
Boxing as Therapy
MJFPD strongly recommends and supports the continued use of boxing as therapy to relieve symptoms.

Benefits to boxing.
Improves Memory
Stretches Muscles
Builds Strength
Raises Cardio
Reduces Depression
Improves Social Contacts
Improve Balance

Learn more by watching video, The Fight Game. 
Spinning your way to a better life.
Studies suggest that by "spinning" your feet at 60 RPM minimum, you can noticeably reduce tremor and increase mobility.  Check out video below.

An Event Like No Other
Why partner with PD Shimmers?
PD Shimmers has become more than a light show. It has become an inspiration to those who battle a debilitating illness. It has become a symbol of hope that demonstrates one is not alone in the fight. It is a symbol of pride for those who come to assist with it's set-up. It is one of a few multi- home displays in the Twin Cities. It has been recognized as a must see or best show. Y. The show finds a way to generate news media interest.   It conveys the perfect message for a business to align with for the season. Sponsor dollars are a key component to improving the show and keeping  current with technology trends.
Media Preview Days
A PD Shimmers Event
We can open early! Email us to arrange for your behind the scenes preview look at PD Shimmers.
Use  PD Shimmers as a backdrop for your medical update on Parkinson's in the community.
Look into treatment advances in the ten years the lights have been on.
We can help arrange interviews with people prominent in the Parkinson's community.
Your reporter can partake in drills that demonstrate what it feels like to have Parkinson's.
Talk with patients that explain the difficulties in trying to live a normal life with a public that doesn't understand.
Explore the "Iceberg". The majority of symptoms aren't seen.

Mayor's Open
A PD Shimmers Event
PD Shimmers is about community. Former Plymouth Mayor Kelli Slavik has kicked off the season for each of the last 8 years. New Mayor Jeff Wosje keeps the tradition by kicking off Season Ten on December 2.  Diamond sponsors are recognized and invited to the social that follows the lighting.
PD Shimmer's Greeters
Enjoy the music. Have some fun. Your organization can supply the greeters for an evening. A Diamond Sponsor can Plus its sponsorship to"claim" a sponsored by night all their own.
"Your light display and PD foundation work is phenominal. As a person newly diagnosed I have gained new hope from your efforts
"Last year, I was one of those 58,000 lights. When I saw the display for the first time I came to understand my diagnosis and more importantly that I was not alone."