PD Shimmers
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PD Shimmers WCCO Newscast 2010
Christmas Eve 2010  
John LaurItsen tells the story of a man with Parkinson's using his Christmas lights to raise awareness of Parkinson's Disease

KSTP Christmas Eve 2012
KSTP coverage with live remote Christmas Eve 2012
Land of 10,000 Stories
KARE11 newsman Boyd Hupport told the PD Shimmers tale in 2014 in his Land of 10,000 Stories segment.
WCCO Mornings 2013
In 2013 PD Shimmers greeted the morning team at WCCO.
Twin Cities Live
"must see Holiday Lights"
Season VIII Highlights Video
The best ( at least caught on video) of the final full scale show presented on Ithaca Lane. Starting in Season IX the show will be hosted on Juneau Lane.