Parkinson's Disease
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Per 1000 First Time Applications

Denied 670


By The Numbers

Waiting period (minimum) for benefits to begin after applying for SSDI    

Average number of months needed to gain approval for SSDI payments after you apply.    
Waiting period (minimum) (months) for Medicare coverage to begin after applying for SSDI   24

Yearly costs of Parkinson's medications per patient     
$ 2500
Costs of DBS surgery  
$ 100,000  
 Yearly cost of treatment (US) 
$ 14,400,000,000
 Yearly impact all costs Parkinson's (US)
$ 52,000,000,000

Funny? Math
According to the NIH:

Number of Americans Diagnosed Each Year                50,000

Number of Americans who have Parkinson's Disease        1,000,000

Number of years people live with Parkinson's   Low  10   High   20

Total number seems low as it assumes no one outlives ten years. Why is this important? By making the divisor smaller the NIH Per incident number inflates giving the illusion that government funding is adequate.