PD Shimmers

Thank You for another great season!

"Shining one light for each person diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2018"
PD Shimmers is a Holiday light show in sync to music presented by The Mike Justak Foundation for Parkinson's Disease to raise awareness of the incurable movement disorder. 

Returing for Season X!
PD Shimmers will return to Juneau Road for Season X. With  season 9 concluded we are planning for a new season. We will be improving how the show looks now that we have data from our first year on Juneau. We will be adding over 10,000 lights first of all! 
Season X Design under way!
New songs!
New Display Items!
More Lights!

Overhead View
Access North of show via  43rd off of Fernbrook
Best Approach
The best viewing angle is looking South toward Rockford Rd. Approach using 43rd via Fernbrook or Minnesota Lane.

There is no Light Show traffic allowed on cul-de-sacs.

Bus drivers should enter from the North and drive South toward Rockford
4320 Ithaca Lane N. ,Plymouth
4200 Juneau Lane , Plymouth
"A Must See in the Twin Cities"
Bring Me the News
"What a Great Idea"
Twin Cities Live
"Awesome Light Display"
Amy Powell - Google
"Great Light Show. Remember to Donate."
Jared Sawatzky - Google
Five Stars!

Jill Kitterman- Google
PD Shimmers parody of Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ads.

Enjoy the creativity of PD Shimmers as it places it's lightshow inside the ads. Make sure to look "inside" the pool.

Presenting Pixels!
PD Shimmers continues to stay on the leading edge of light show wizards. This year  the show will amaze with the new Pixel Tree. The Eight foot tall display item uses over 800 pixels and 2400 channels of computer animation to achieve the eye popping effects.
2018 Show Video
Brand NEW video. This IS the Greatest Show!
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